How We Work

Asian Western Love

The ONLY Bangkok matchmaker specializing exclusively in matching quality Thai women and Western men.

We try to make it easy, but we need to be thorough in getting and checking the information we need about you (and in turn, the information you will want about your prospective matches).

1. Contact & Interview To start you on your way to meeting your ideal partner, you need to contact us, We will respond no later than the next day, answer any questions and set up your real time, in person (or video) interview if you are in Bangkok. For those outside Bangkok or international, we will set a mutually convenient time for an online video interview.

2. Information Gathering & Due Diligence Following Step One, we will conduct a due diligence review of the information you provided in your interview, via follow up email or phone, as needed. For Asian women this will include government ID and marital status check. For both women and men, we will need proof of education/degree, employment (if relevant), etc. Western men will, at a minimum, need to provide a copy of their passport (we will not keep a copy of your passport, but the relevant information will be entered in your confidential file).

3. The Matchmaking Process Here is where the matchmaking process takes place. Remember, we have real world experience in cross cultural relationships, not just some “judgments” about what’s important and what might work in making the right match. Here we, our Company’s principals (and not some “junior” staff), review your personal interests, personality traits and desires in a partner, etc. We develop appropriate match candidates, refine the list and propose them to you. At this point you will see profile information and photos of the candidate matches we have selected (as they will of you). At this stage, only first names are used, but no address, email or phone information.

4. The First Meeting When you and your appropriate matches agree on meeting, we can facilitate (as a third party) your initial meeting or “date,” or if both parties are agreeable, you can arrange it yourselves.

5. Follow Up After your first meeting, we will get your (and your match’s) feedback in order to further refine your search, or possibly, wish you both well for your futures together.


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