Our Matchmaking Service

We are the ONLY Bangkok matchmaker specializing exclusively in matching quality Thai women and Western men …

… and membership is free until October 1.

We are a boutique matchmaking agency that can help you find and successfully connect with that “Right One,” from a distant land and different culture. Trusting to “luck” or online dating  rarely gets you the partner you are looking for, man or woman. Matchmaking is the safest, almost guaranteed way to find your ideal partner from another country and culture.

It can be done. Many succeed in doing it. We know. It happened for us. We can help make it happen for you. That’s why we started Asian Western Love matchmaking.

Here are three reasons to use Asian Western Love to find your perfect match for the long term, meaningful relationship you’re looking for:

1. We specialize only in Thai-Western matches, because it is something we have real life experience and knowledge about. Cross cultural relationships can be tricky, and correctly matching a Thai lady and a Western man needs to be done by a matchmaker who knows the challenges and considerations involved. The two of us have lived it. We know how to do it.

2. All our clients receive personalized, professional attention from the principals who started our Company. You are not passed down to junior staff employees. Asian Western Love is not the biggest or oldest matchmaking service in Thailand, but we have the advantage of being clearly focused on the needs of those that come to us. Matchmaking requires QUALITY, not QUANTITY. It also requires maximum privacy and security for those using our service. Our client screening and confidentiality standards are unsurpassed.

3. The prices of our services are very reasonable compared to competitive matchmakers. We are a smaller matchmaker and do not take an assembly line approach, trying to handle as many clients as possible. We also don’t try to sell you additional add-on services or offer franchises for our business model to other matchmaking services. We focus only on finding and connecting you to your best mutual match. Usually, this means Asian Western Love prices are much lower than our competition.

Join our membership now and we’ll start finding your perfect match. Remember, membership is free until October 1.

Contact us here to get your questions answered and the process started: AsianWesternLove@gmail.com .



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