Why use a matchmaker?
Saves you time and money for other things. Focuses in on prospects that are qualified matches for you. Does the serious research and screening you should do (but usually don’t) to avoid scammers or just casual “players”.


Couldn’t I just use an online dating site?
Yes, but accepted research shows only about a 10% success rate for finding a meaningful, long term relationship online. If one chance in ten is good enough for you, go ahead. Of course, the bigger problem with online (or unscreened and unseen) dating is you don’t really KNOW who you’re finding. Are they married, is their profile very misleading, are they criminals, or are they really not interested in finding the “Right One”, but just enjoying some computer chat with you? Oh, and don’t forget, once you get past the free member level and upgrade to premium membership levels, almost all online dating services can be very expensive.


How is Asian Western Love different from online dating?
Our matchmaking uses what we choose to describe as a “team process.” Our clients are not sitting alone, wasting their time pecking away at a keypad to answer a matching questionnaire. They are actively engaged with our Company’s two principals in a personalized, collaborative process that employs maximum input and feedback. We get to know all there is about your desires in a serious relationship (and some things even you might not have recognized or been aware of). We develop an extensive profile of your rational and emotional components. Then, and only then, do we go forward together with you to find your ideal match.


How is Asian Western Love different from other matchmaking dating services?
1. We are the only matchmaking service that specializes exclusively in matching Asian women and Western (US, EU, UK, AUS and NZ) men. Those are the kinds of cross-cultural relationships we are personally and intimately involved with and experienced in (our two Company principals, one Thai, one American, are married).
2. We are not the largest matchmaking service. Our clients don’t number in the “thousands,” as several services claim (if you believe them). We prefer to keep our client network a manageable size to insure that each person gets focused, personalized attention from our principals, and is not passed down to junior staff.
3. We don’t have the high overhead of some of the more well-known services. We prefer to pass that savings along to our clients in terms of lower fees.


What is the process used by Asian Western Love ?
Following your initial contact, submission of the preliminary Client Information Form and fee payment, we will conduct a real time personal interview, either in person or via video (always via video for expats and those outside Bangkok). At that time you will need to submit certain support documents, preliminary photo selection, etc. After that we will confirm the information you provided, generate follow up questions for you and finalize the photos selected to be used in your profile.

Throughout the process you and we will be operating as a “team,” to get the best possible framework for matching you to the “Right One.” When the framework is applied and potentially ideal matches identified and evaluated for you, only then will we propose possible match candidates. If you agree to go forward, we will share your profile with the prospects you accepted.

Everything at this point is still only on a first name basis, with no phone, email or other contact info shared. If your recommended match also agrees to go forward, contact information will be exchanged and we will then facilitate your meeting/date, as mutually preferred by you both.

Following your initial meeting/date, we will review your experience with you and, depending on the outcome, we will then either wish you both well or recommend other matches not presented initially.


What are your fees and how long before I get my match(s)?
One of the things that make us different is our affordable fees, even with your match search being personally handled by one (or sometimes both) of our company Principals. Average time from initial contact and fee payment to presentation of first candidate matches is six to eight weeks.


How do I get started?
Contact us by email: AsianWesternLove@gmail.com . We will respond no later than the next day (via your preference of email or phone) to answer any questions, and talk (or email) you through the initial steps leading to your initial interview.


How long is my membership valid?
Six (12 months) from initial fee payment. (Membership is free until October 1 with all the rights and privileges of paid members.) Most clients have success in that 12 month time frame, but if more time is desired, a six month membership extension at 30% of initial fee is available.


Does Asian Western Love accept anyone as a client?
No. Every applicant has to be 21 or older; ladies need be from an ASEAN country (e.g.Thailand); men must be from a Western country (e.g. United States, EU,etc.). All must demonstrate a satisfactory fluency in English. Following the initial screening interview, applicants with falsely claimed personal information (for example, being married while claiming single) or criminal records will be excluded.


What can I expect my matches to be like?
Every prospective match presented will be educated, a working or retired professional/managerial and, in our judgment, be a normal, decent person. While there is no way to get inside a person’s head and heart, our Principals have had many years of executive level personnel (and personal) experience working with and gauging people. They know how to “read” an individual. If there is a questionable issue or characteristic with them, further engagement with them will stop. Remember, there are plenty of fish in the sea, and many of them are right for you!


How private and secure is your service?
Our screening and confidentiality standards are unsurpassed and provide maximum privacy and discretion. We only share information with others which you authorize us to and when you authorize it.

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