Online Dating Sites’ Numbers Don’t Mean Anything

“There are now 274,557 registered members…4,323 online now.

                                                                          “Largest Asian dating site; over two million members.”

“Largest Thai dating site; over one million members.”

                                                     “Join 544,422 members at the biggest free site…”


Online dating sites like to throw around a lot numbers…BIG numbers. Now any time you see a BIG number from an online dating site, remember there are a few things you need to take into account.

First of all, even if these numbers were absolutely true (which they’re not), they are all wildly inflated. Now, some would call that “marketing”, not lying. It really doesn’t matter anyway if you’re looking for a serious, single partner for a long term relationship. Scammers and serial daters need a large prospect audience. You, on the other hand, just need the RIGHT ONE, so it’s almost like a larger membership is not good news, because it means you are going to have to sift through more WRONG ONES.

A second word of caution just to keep you in the real world: when you see a claim of so many “xxxx members online now,” disregard it unless you don’t have a subscription to an online chat service and just want to “chat” with someone right now. First of all, again, these numbers are usually more or less made up. And what does it matter to you (unless you’re really lonely and don’t have the latest chat app on your device)?

And last, but not least, understand what the words that connect to the BIG numbers claims really could mean. “Registered,” “active,” “verified,” etc. sound good when these words are connected to “members,” but actually could mean nothing. A member could have “registered” five years ago, never formally cancelled the free level of their membership and still be counted in the giant pool of “registered” members. Words are just words on these sites, and can be applied very generally.

If you are serious about carefully finding your special someone, you should consider a matchmaking service like ours, Asian Western Love. We take an approach to your needs and interests that doesn’t rely on thousands of “possible” chances. We don’t see your relationship search as the lottery with comparable BIG numbers. You only need to find the right ONE, and having to sort through thousands doesn’t make that any easier or successful.