About Us

We started Asian Western Love matchmaking, because we knew we could help couples from Asian and Western cultures successfully find each other and grow together in a valued relationship. It’s not easy. There are plenty of dishonest people in the “dating game”, on both sides. They are not what they seem and are not looking for what they say they are. And once you find the Right One, it’s not over. There is still a learning curve in discovering the little intricacies that make a cross-cultural relationship special and strong. Again, we can help. It’s why we started Asian Western Love.

Khun Sumaree is a native Thai. She grew up and graduated university in Bangkok. She started her career as a teacher, followed by Office and HR management positions of increasing responsibility in several large Thai and Western international companies. Throughout her career her intelligence and initiative have helped her and her associates succeed. She has a large network of single Thai and Western friends (men and women) from whom she has gained unique insight and understanding of their interests, concerns and how they approach dating and relationships.

Khun Mike is from the United States, but has been coming to Thailand for over 15 years and has lived here for the last four. He holds an MBA from Washington University in Saint Louis. His professional experience has included executive (VP or higher) positions at several international companies, as well as working with successful entrepreneurial start ups. Having been a United States Marine, he is comfortable not only in the boardroom, but also at the pub and on the rugby pitch. He has extensive experience in Human Behavioral Psychology and Personal Branding. Mike likes to laugh and tries to see the humor in all things.


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