Reasons Why (some) Western Men Prefer Asian Women



AWL_4AWL_1 Ok, OK… I know everybody has their own   reasons for anything they do, and that  applies to why “some” Western men are very attracted to Asian women.

I’m not talking here about the guys who see Asian women as sexy, readily available bar girls. Many of those guys formed (or reinforced) their views after repeatedly watching the movie, “Hangover 2 -Bangkok” or saving up and taking a holiday in Thailand and gravitating to the “sex districts” in Bangkok, Pattaya, etc.

I’m talking here about Western men who find Asian ladies more attractive (in many ways, not just physically) than Western women, and more desirable for forming and keeping a long term relationship.

While I can’t speak for everyone who shares that view, I CAN speak for myself and given that I have been married for four years  to my wonderful Thai wife,  I believe I have some basis for doing so.

With that as the set up, here are just three reasons why I (and maybe a lot of other Western men) are attracted to Asian women, and seek long term relationships with them, preferring them to the candidates we have in the general dating/marriage pool of women in the West.

Now remember, these are MY reasons

  1. Physically Attractive — Asian women, on balance, are more physically attractive than their Western counterparts in all age brackets. I know this sounds very shallow as a criterion for selecting a long term partner, but it is a fact. Asian genetics with their high cheek bones, full lips, etc. fight off the wrinkles. Their diets (although they are starting to be more westernized with fast food, etc.) help fight the extra pounds that Western women seem to start putting on after 40. Sure, there are prematurely wrinkled and fat Asian women, but they’re not as prevalent as in the West, and again, the overwhelming majority rank right up there at 7+ or better.
  2. Open, Loyal and Committed — All right, I know what you’re saying, “There are plenty of Western women like that, too.” And there are. This is also not to say that Asian women are meek, submissive, walk-three-steps-behind. They are strong, have their own opinions and in their cultures just as “liberated” as their Western sisters. However, most do come from societies that historically have clearly delineated the lines between men and women, not in a bad way, but in a mutually supportive good way that builds strong relationships. Some of it also comes, I think, from the influence of Buddhism throughout their cultures. I guess I would shorthand it as describing the Asian/Western relationship as almost always symbiotic, or 1+1=3 (or more). It seems too often in Western/Western couples there is an almost subliminal competitiveness that doesn’t always add support, and may in fact reduce what synergy was there when they started out.
  3. Mysterious, Exotically Different — OK, this one is all mine, but I KNOW it is shared by many of my Western friends (whether they are in or are seeking a relationship with an Asian lady). What you have in many Western minds is “she is different,” and almost always that’s seen in a good way. It’s not to say that Western guys (or I) sought out Asian women, because they looked, believed and acted DIFFERENT from Western women, but it gives the potential or blossoming relationship a uniqueness and freshness that many men find highly stimulating. And that in turn reinforced my personal view regarding Asian women, where #’s 1 and 2 above were concerned.

So there you have my two cents. Not saying my reasons are the only ones or the best ones, but they are working for my Thai wife and me.

We welcome your comments and other reasons or you comments you might have.

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