Couples Kit — Real Help or Gimmick ?

ChoicesThere is a Canadian company marketing a “Couples Kit” they say will help couples see if they are a good match. It is an at-home test that can claims it can scientifically predict whether you and your partner are a good long term match. Users submit a DNA sample for analysis and fill out an online questionnaire, which when scored by the company that created this, Ontario-based Instant Chemistry, users get feedback about each others’ personalities and how compatible there are.

The Couples Kit costs $164 USD, which seems like a pretty fair price, IF you believe it is effective doing what it claims.

Many people seeking a meaningful relationship instead will use an online dating service giving them a wide number of prospective partners and trusting themselves to evaluate how well potential matches may work out.

Of course using a matchmaking service can be the best, safest and ultimately most effectively predictive way to find the perfect “Right One.”

We’ll see whether this Couples Kit is successful in the market or turns out to be just a short term novelty gimmick. Our betting here at Asian Western Love is it won’t last long. Not because it doesn’t actually do what it claims (analyzing DNA and survey answers), but because there is so much more involved in finding the perfect match.


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