Welcome to our blog.

Welcome to our blog.

Welcome to our blog.

Welcome to our Asian Western Love blog.  If you haven’t caught on already, it’s aimed at men and women who want to be half of a couple, with an Asian lady (my wife Sumaree is Thai) and a Western man ( I’m Mike, an American from Texas).

For purposes of definition here, we consider “Western Men” as those from  the United States, UK or western EU. Also, we realize it’s a bit expansive, but if you’re an Aussie or New Zealander this blog should be of interest to you.

We will be posting regular information about the good news and the bad news of finding and, ultimately, having a serious, cross cultural man and woman relationship. Sumaree and I have been together going into our fourth year, and we are very happy. We believe most people interested in exploring such a relationship can be just as successful doing it, as we did. You can learn more about us, fittingly, on our “About Us” page here on the blog.


First of all “dating,” while an important first step in all relationships, is not the going in idea here. If you want a “date” with an  Asian or Western person, there are plenty of websites, good and bad, that can “hook you up.”

While at some point we might offer a service that carefully qualifies and then connects potential partners, we are not doing it right now. Our intent is share information and alert those interested to important considerations that can affect their search for “the right one.”

For now, we are what we are. We hope you find our posts interesting and , if intended, helpful. One thing you can be sure of is we know what we’re posting about … we’re successfully living it !

Oh ! And if you have any questions, or just want to exchange thoughts/communication about Asian/Western relationships, please email us … asianwesternlove@gmail.com . We promise to answer within one day, and if warranted, we can call anywhere via Skype. Of course, we also hope you regularly follow our blog and post comments, when the spirit moves you.


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